Friday, September 16, 2011


Windows by Damian Gadal
I'm not worried about the folks in Redmond or incremental improvements in MS Office Products, those are obsolete, as are people like me who've used them for decades.

Microsoft is once again trying to be Apple. The old UI is dead, as are old applications and the way that they've been used. We're moving to a more natural and intuitive way of computing.

This is just part of the evolution of computing.

For folks like me, we'll still be able to work on spreadsheets (the nature of numbers hasn't changed), and documents until the cows come home. This type of computing is akin to working on an assembly line.

We're seeing whole new realms of computing that weren't possible a decade ago. Computing is being done with apps, and done on phones and tablets.... And all of this is still in it's infancy.

Software designers are working towards removing the learning curve. Apps will just work.

Sure there'll be lots of rubbish.... Television is a perfect example. We've added hundreds of channels and filled them with meaningless trite (reality tv? Certainly not the pinnacle of humanity).

The changes that are happening in computing are exciting. Sure, it's a pain to upgrade, no doubt about that.... I'm looking forward to the changes, and just wish they were happening faster. The possibilities are boundless.

If Microsoft doesn't adapt, it will die. They know that, and that's what we're seeing.

These are historic times on so many levels, and they require that we adapt, improvise, and overcome. We'll be the better for it.
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