Friday, November 20, 2015

Mr. Death

They caught you thowing
names around
like you knew everyone
in town
but you ran
when you saw
death's smile
and your friends laughed
'cause that's not your style
you took to the street
living on your feet
using everyone you could
with the same feeling
as pounding holes in wood
but your laughter you could
not refrain
when your friends expressed
their pain
so they ran you off
and left you held up
in a barn loft
then the preachers came
you took pride
in putting them down
they left puzzled
and surprized
your bitterness tore
sorrow from their hearts
and tears rained
from their eyes
a lynch mob marched
towards you with pride
as you ran off
with the mayor's bride
teaching that woman
never foreseeing the consequence
you used her up
in the years of running
threw her aside
and said goodbye
but she learned
your ways too well
and caught you
shot you, cursed you
to hell
and left you to die
gasping your last breath
you caught a glimps
of a smiling Mr. death
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