Sunday, February 28, 2016

I hate this

We can see a shadow, moving slowly, as not to be detected. We can hear the creaking of the rafters, and know for certain that someone is up there. We can also hear the muffled sound of restrained crying. In the background, we hear a fierce argument, while we focus in on a small child. "I hate this," he says to himself.

Later: In the midst of a very busy and crowded restaurant, we focus in on another young man. He is taking an order from a family of four. He works hard here. It's how he forgets or at least tries to.

Later still: An ambulance arrives at an apartment complex. The occupants run from their vehicle, while the flashing red light starts to draw a crowd. Up the stairs, we follow the action, up the stairs and right into a small apartment with a single couch, a TV, and two chairs. The officer at the door points the ambulance crew to the bedroom in the back part of the apartment. Inside we can see the body of a man slumped over the bed. He is dying. The gash at his wrist throbs slowly, while he manages to look up and smile slightly. He knows that his suffering is almost over. "I hate this," he says to himself. And soon, very soon, all will be forgotten.

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