Sunday, March 27, 2016

Straight and Narrow

We picked Tony as the leader of our reform group
becuase he was such an easy going guy. We thought
that everything was going to be cool. Wrong we were.
We never counted on the thing going to his head.
Demands, demands, demands....
He thought he was president or something
The biggest problem was every Tuesday
when we had our meetings
the whole thing would be such a mess.
Tony would start off with his usual speech
about how he was going to help us all reform
get us to walk the straight and narrow
of course all we could do was laugh
he'd get pissed off
but he was boring and we couldn't help ourselves
our little conversations on the side
turned our meetings into social gatherings
we'd start eating, drinking, and smoking
until one day we noticed Tony on the ground
it took a while to get the gaurds to come around
and haul him off to the crematory

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