Monday, April 18, 2016

Rock-N-Roll Deli

Everyman in Florida has his day and this one was Sam's.
He'd been a middleman for years, and she was sick of it. It had gotten old fast.
What he needed was some excitement, something like a new drug.
His life was a mess. The whole room smelled of week old pastrami and stale bagels.

What Sam needed was a new shipment for his customers.

He found the deal of a lifetime and got on a plane to South America.
There he met with a man of dubious origin.
A hundred grand later Sam was loaded with Peruvian Pig Tongues.

They were hot items in Florida, but smuggling them in would be difficult.
Sam had to dodge Salami Vice.
The folks that broke up illegal delicatessens.
If they got word that some bad tongue was on the street if would be over for Sam.

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