Monday, May 9, 2016

Around the corner

I bought it on film to watch tonight
but there's dust in the corners
I've got to get a new video recorder
and get my T.V. subscriptions up to date
there's cables crawling through the walls
viewing screens in kitchen, bedrooms, halls
game cartridges are ready
audio equipment updated
my life programmed into the home computer
now all I need is someone to share it with
think I'll call "select-o-mate"
ask them whose picking up the mess
of broken toys left behind
of broken lives lived in pantomime
of factory fun
new digits roll across T.V. screens
everyone trying to keep pace
new breakthroughs
life obsolete abounds
balance goes underground
everything is video
pictures old and jumbled
we're all such a small part
of a world we'll miss
still trying to understand all this
volunteering for the clean-up crew
before the layoffs at the puzzle factory

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