Saturday, May 22, 2010

Presented in digital

It's a changing world out there.... Everything we do is becoming digital, and it is by no means anything to be afraid of. We will, however, need to build and maintain a better infrastructure in tandem with this change.

Our current infrastructure will not be able to support a growing digital world, one that consumes more and more power.

This is the challenge of the day, made all the more difficult given the collapsing economy and fractured political environment of the times.

We need clear thinking on this, and we don't have it. At least not right now. It's a shame, as some well thought out, long term planning in this area will make all the difference in the world in the kind of future we build.

I'm afraid we're being neither penny wise and pound foolish in governing ourselves, or our kid's future. We're out in the wilderness, with no direction home.

These times are presenting us with challenges that we need to overcome, and opportunities we need to seize.

Are we up to the task?

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