Thursday, June 17, 2010

Request to License

So, today on the flickr blog I see that the "Request to License" via Getty Images is here.

I'll admit that I was intrigued. I've been selling Stock and Microstock images for a few years now and though I can't quit my day job, it's rewarding when your work sells.

After reviewing the details of this announcement, I had to put the breaks on my enthusiasm. The main reason being that at this time it's an all or nothing opt in process. Not good for me really, as I use flickr to share images... meaning that instead of submitting something to a stock agency to go through the approval/rejection process I chose to put the image on flickr.

That doesn't mean that my images on flickr can't be used as stock. A lot of them can, but not all of them. Some where taken with a cellphone to capture a spontaneous moment while out and about, while others are of a lower resolution than what I would submit for stock.

Of course there are plenty that are perfectly suited for stock and I often wonder (after I've put them on flickr) why I didn't just submit them to a stock agency. These are the images that I'd like to use as part of the "Request to License" program being promoted.

And there's the rub with the all or nothing approach currently being used. In my book a cellphone image, or most low res images aren't up to snuff. I'm sure Getty feels the same why, so why would they take this all or nothing approach and have to review tens of thousand of images? They'll end up rejecting most submissions on a wholesale basis, and a lotof good work will be overlooked.

I guess this is where the other agencies come in. They are a tough bunch, and getting tougher all the time. You'll learn quickly what's up to par and what isn't and get real good at self editing. Working with these folks will make you a better photographer.

In the meantime, nice try Getty....
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