Sunday, June 27, 2010

That Summer Swing

So, I made it to the parade. After going through the routine of trying to find some place to park, and then walking downtown, I was able to find a good spot without obstructions in front of me.

The festivities took longer than usual to proceed. It was about two hours before the action passed my way. The time passed quickly chatting with some people around me.

Before things got started, I'd put my flash on my camera and was determined to shoot outside of my comfort zone.

I know on-camera flash isn't the best route to go, but considering this was a parade with big crowds, it seemed to best way to go at the time. Besides, I was more interested in working with the flash unit and getting used to its controls.

So, how did it go? Much easier than I anticipated. And the results? Much better than working without the flash.

I wasn't interested in overpowering the light from the sun, though that can be done with these units. It was still the middle of the day, with the sun almost directly overhead, so what I was really interested in was lowering the sharp contrast between light and shadow.

This was very easy to accomplish, as was adjusting the output from the flash. I could quickly increase or decease its output and range.

So, now I'm thinking why didn't I go this route sooner... Doesn't matter now.... I'll be using my flash more and more in the future.

There are two more parades this Summer, so I'll get a lot more practice.

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